Look, listen and take part in: this is our cultural heritage! is a two schoolyear Erasmus+ Project that started being prepared for almost one year by a team of six teachers. This team was formed by a responsible from each of the participant school, each one belonging to a different country: Agrupamento de Escolas Fernão de Magalhães – Chaves, from Portugal; CEIP Gloria Fuertes, from Caudete, Spain; OS Petar Zrinski Senkovec from Čakovec, Croatia; Istituto Comprensivo “Don Giulio Testa” from Venafro, Italy; Kingsholm CofE Primary School from Gloucester, the Unite Kingdom; and TOPLUKONUT ORTAOKULU from Diyarbakir, Turkey.


Each partner contributed with the required information about their schools and pupils/students; teaching methods and all types of developed activities (especially cultural ones) during the schoolyear. They also tried to put together all type of activities that could be developed by all the participants, so that each participant could teach and learn about traditional and cultural heritages form their countries/cities/villages/people.


This project was approved to start at the beginning of schoolyear that started in September 2019. There was a meeting in November 2018 in Caudete, Spain, to prepare the long-term activities and determine each partner’s responsibilities.


Spain is the main coordinator of this project.



After the first meeting in Caudete, all partners started working with kids at school in the activities decided in that meeting.


One of those activities was to draw a LOGO for our project. So, every school coordinator asked kids to draw one related to the project. Then, each school had to vote and select the three most voted ones. After this, all LOGOS were sent to the main Coordinator in Spain who publish them on the Project’s Facebook Page (K229 Project “LISTEN, LOOK AND TAKE PART IN! THIS IS…) and all partners voted and the best one was chosen. The winning LOGO was drawn by an Italian Kid.


So, in the first week of March, before our first students and teachers exchange meeting in Caudete, Spain, we had a LOGO for the project.


From this moment on we could identify all our documents with something created by our participating students.

Activity C1 – Face to Face Arrangements – in Spain

Some words about the project by the coordinator, Juan Soler


We have started our European project with the first coordination meeting from 13th to November 17th.


We have worked and organized everything so that all the activities would be a success. We are already a group of friends!  All of us are wishing that March arrives and all friends come back here again with the students.


This wonderful project of 2 years is ready to be lived with great enthusiasm by students, teachers and parents. We are a team!! Our project has taken off!!


Thanks everybody for your great collaboration!!

Activity Spring is Coming. Let’s to Celebrate

From 11th to 17th March there was the first exchange meeting (students and teachers) in Caudete, Spain. It was a full and enriching week. Kids got to know lots of other students from all the countries involved on the project, learnt new things, took part in all the activities provided and exchanged experiences.


The Spanish team had everything very well organised and made it possible for all the partners to learn about their cultural events, their traditions, customs and traditional games. All the kids and teachers worked hard and had lots of fun together.


Everyone worked in finishing the traditional “Fallas” at school; kids had some different types of workshops; there were some school trips to get to know the region, monuments, historical traditions, among other activities.


It was such an amazing week that kids didn’t want to go back home. They wanted to stay a bit longer in their dear and extremely friendly host families and with their welcoming teachers and new friends.

Activity Europe Day in Croatia

From 7th to 13th May we were in Čakovec, Croatia for the second Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” meeting (students and teachers). One more time, we can say it was an exciting and meaningful week.


The Croatian team had everything very well organised and enriched our knowledge with activities related to their culture, traditions, like music, dances and gastronomy and traditional games. We learned about their homeland, took part in games, workshops, study trips, among others. All the kids and teachers worked hard and had lots of fun together, like in the farewell party.


One of the days we were on a four-hour journey to the famous Plitvice Lakes. This Park is considered by the UNESCO as World Heritage since 1979. It was a tiring but wonderful day. The lakes, the waterfalls, the whole park is something worthy of visiting.


This week was wonderful, and kids didn’t want to go back homes because they started so good friendships both with the host families and kids and teachers from all the countries that it didn’t feel right to say goodbye so soon.


So, let’s not consider it a goodbye but a see you soon.

Activity How is Run the First Year

From 26th to 29th June we were in Venafro, Italy for our Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” first year evaluation meeting. We also started preparing the activities for the project’s second year.


We were welcomed at school by the headmaster, teachers and pupils. They prepared some traditional costumes, poems, dances to show us. We were also welcomed by the city’s Mayor.


Then it was time to work. We had a long meeting to evaluate every activity that was done during the project’s first year and started preparing the second year. The second year is going to start with a new eTwinning project and the first meeting is going to be in November (2nd to 8th), in Chaves, Portugal.


Besides our meeting, we also had a workshop about eTwinning platform, so that we can think of other eTwinning activities to do with our students.


In our free time, we were able to visit some places of interest, like monuments, and WINTERLINE, a museum about the second world war, since Venafro was one of the cities where the German troops were delayed.


The last night we spent in Venafro, there was a farewell party at school with the performance of a music group where one of the teachers plays and a traditional folk group that danced for us.


These days were very pleasant, but they came to an end.


Let’s meet again in Chaves, Portugal.

Activity Great Heritage in Portugal (Chaves and Vidago)

From 2nd to 8th November 2019, we welcome every partner with their students in Chaves, Portugal, both at school and at the City Hall, for the third Erasmus + “Listen, look and take part in! This is our cultural heritage!” meeting. One more time, we can say it was an exciting and meaningful week.


Students and teachers were welcome in both schools, in the Town Hall and in Desportivo de Chaves.


We did everything we could to provide our partners with activities that allowed them to learn (more) about our culture. Students and teachers were able to learn about: our great writers/poets; how to work with clay; how to produce handcraft materials; how to paly the “cavaquinho”; how to produce “pastéis de Chaves; how to dance “folclore”; how to prepare typical jam from pumpkin; how to play the “pião”, among others.


Students also took part in “Feira dos Santos”, enjoying themselves with their host families and friends; they had golf lessons; they visited some important factories like “Águas Campilho” and important monuments like “The Tower”, “Forte de S. Neutel”, “Vidago Palace and Spa”, and of course, they had a walk on the “Ponte Trajano”.


Students and teachers also had the opportunity of trying the Therma Spa of Chaves and took part in some entertaining activities in the “Fundação e Museu Nadir Afonso”.


Some of the students/teachers even adventured to cross the River Tâmega through the “poldras”.


This week was fantastic. Host students and families didn’t want to say goodbye to their new children and the students that were welcomed in Chaves didn’t want to go back home so soon.  


Let’s think of the last moments not as a goodbye but as a see you soon (in England!).

eTwinning projects

During the Erasmus+ Project “Listen, look and take part in! This our cultural heritage”, the partnership developed two eTwinning projects so that we could share some more about our homelands and our traditions and culture.


Links to the Twinspace of the projects:

  • A “world” of Christmas activities:


  • Spring is coming. Let’s to celebrate.